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At Mississippi Injury Attorney Group, our goal is to match you with a local attorney who is experienced and qualified to handle your specific needs. We’re affiliated with lawyers in Mississippi and across the nation who practice in various aspects of the law including personal injury and more. Our goal is for you to work with a lawyer who will give you the personal attention you deserve and practices in the area of the law relevant to your case.


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Three Steps to Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

Step 1: The Hardest Part is Over

The mere fact that you are researching your options online shows that you have an important legal matter to be discussed. Don’t assume all attorneys will have the same experience to help you. Read through the information here and once you feel good about our approach, move on to Step 2.
Step 2: Do Not Wait!

Many legal issues can become more problematic without prompt advice from an attorney with experience in a particular area of law. Provide us with as much detail on you case as possible through our online form, live chat, or by calling  (601) 460-0612
Step 3: Schedule your Free Consultation

We review the information you provide to us and will determine whether one of our affiliated attorneys is qualified to represent you in your matter. Sometimes, that attorney will be one of our own, but we are also willing to put the client’s interests over our own and work with outside counsel if we believe it will be in the client’s best interest. Moreover, we will pay our affiliated counsel out of our fee, with no additional cost to you! We will provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION, and if we determine you have a valid claim, we will connect you with an experienced affiliated attorney for your case. You do not pay a fee unless we recover on your case, and there are NO UPFRONT COSTS.